Complete your children's education

for basic Islamic knowledge with KABA



This includes learning how to read Iqra’ and the Qur’an, memorisation of short surahs (Juz ‘Amma), tajwid and tafsir.

Solat (Practical)

Learning the step-by-step movements, postures and recitations in performing the daily and sunnah prayers.

Supplications (Doa)

Reciting and memorizing doas found in the Quran and as recited by the Prophet SAW.

*Classes are taught by ARS-certified teachers.


for students aged between 7 – 12 years


Advance and Intermediate classes/levels for aged between 13 -16 years old


Certificate programme for post-secondary students aged between 17 – 20 years

Kelas Asas Bimbingan Agama (KABA) is a weekend Madrasah that provides Islamic education for children and youths who are studying in government schools. Our unique education system focuses on instilling Islamic knowledge and values for primary school students up to tertiary level.

KABA is IECP approved (Islamic Education Centres and Providers) by MUIS

Complete Your Children's Education with KABA

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